Sunday, 30 September 2012

30-9-12 September Favourites

Mac Fix+ Spray £13 Debenhams - MUA Blush £1 Superdrug - Highlights £1.99 Bodycare - GOSH eyeliner 99p Superdrug

These are a few of my favourite products I've used this month and enjoyed using everyday. I know everyone has given a review on the Mac fixing spray but for me this is the perfect product. For people who know me I used to spray my make-up on - until I discovered this!
I now use this every morning to fix my make-up into place and give a dewy glow. I have used this since July and at  just under half a bottle since then this is great value for money. Also this is great to freshen up your face during a long day. I carry a smaller bottle of this in my bag - a lifesaver if you start to feel tired.

The top sample is Highlights, a complete dupe for Benefits Highbeam and for about a tenth of the price. I'm sure everyone knows how well loved Highbeam is. This is a great highlighter over or under foundation, a great multi use product for lipgloss,eyeshadow or sometimes I mix this in with my foundation on days my skin looks a little dull. If you/re ever passing a Bodycare its' worth popping in-  just for this bargain.

The second swatch is a reduced GOSH eyeliner I picked up a few weeks ago and is great for making the eyes look wider and brighter. This can be slightly flaky at times but once dusted off this leaves a great understated day time sparkle.

The last item is MUA £1 blush which I thought was worth a try. If you spent £8 on MUA you got a free large eyeshadow set, which I will review when I've tried more of the colours. This current sample is a simple pink blush which leaves a nice rosey glow and a great size to use with my smaller blusher brush contour the cheeks.
I also got this little leopard waist belt in Primark yesterday - along with a few other items I will post about soon...

Friday, 28 September 2012

Topshop 28-9-12

The perfect day outfit with thick black tights and the perfect evening outfit with tanned legs!
I need it all someone help me raid Topshop! It would also need my ever growing mountain of rings, loose curls and natural make-up.


Wednesday, 26 September 2012


False Nails v's Press on Nail's

I guess many people have this problem, my nails do not grow I have tried alot of things and still have a few I want to try, so in the quest for perfect nails I have tried a number of press on nails. I choose press on nails because I don't want to ruin the little of my own nails I do have.

It's safe to say these Impress Nails are the best I have tried this was a red/coral colour ( not a good photo) I had trimmed these down a little as I do  a lot of typing at work but they stayed on for around a week as promised on the packet.

I also tried Impress Nails in a greyish colour and a bright neon orange for my holiday which again stayed on for a week even with the sand and pool water. You get 24 nails in a packet and they are so easy to apply just peel the sticker off the glue on the back and press on! If you lose one on the go they are easy to replace.

These nails were by Elegant Touch these were a bit tricky to apply first you cut glue tabs to fit your nails and then peal a sticker and then press the nail on, this only took me 20 or so minutes but not as quick as the Impress Nails.

I got these nails reduced in Superdrug for around 1.99 and in the pack you also got these strips of blue gems and some pink leopard wraps which are great and very easy to use. My main problems with these nails is they only lasted for two days great for a night out but not if you want a constant polished look.

These Girls on the Go nails were a quick E-bay buy for 99p easy to paint no messy about with glue tabs just stick and go! Until you go to do something as simple as move a bag strap and ping nails gone these again work for a night out but do not last.

The polish is N07 stay perfect Beanie is anyone wanted to know its a brown/karki shade perfect for this A/W army trend.

I will do another post on false nails when I have tried a few glue on ones, overall the Impress Nails are great and last and only cost around £6.99 and can be used twice, if you fancy some fun nails for one night Girls on the Go or Elegant Touch do the job as well.