Sunday, 30 September 2012

30-9-12 September Favourites

Mac Fix+ Spray £13 Debenhams - MUA Blush £1 Superdrug - Highlights £1.99 Bodycare - GOSH eyeliner 99p Superdrug

These are a few of my favourite products I've used this month and enjoyed using everyday. I know everyone has given a review on the Mac fixing spray but for me this is the perfect product. For people who know me I used to spray my make-up on - until I discovered this!
I now use this every morning to fix my make-up into place and give a dewy glow. I have used this since July and at  just under half a bottle since then this is great value for money. Also this is great to freshen up your face during a long day. I carry a smaller bottle of this in my bag - a lifesaver if you start to feel tired.

The top sample is Highlights, a complete dupe for Benefits Highbeam and for about a tenth of the price. I'm sure everyone knows how well loved Highbeam is. This is a great highlighter over or under foundation, a great multi use product for lipgloss,eyeshadow or sometimes I mix this in with my foundation on days my skin looks a little dull. If you/re ever passing a Bodycare its' worth popping in-  just for this bargain.

The second swatch is a reduced GOSH eyeliner I picked up a few weeks ago and is great for making the eyes look wider and brighter. This can be slightly flaky at times but once dusted off this leaves a great understated day time sparkle.

The last item is MUA £1 blush which I thought was worth a try. If you spent £8 on MUA you got a free large eyeshadow set, which I will review when I've tried more of the colours. This current sample is a simple pink blush which leaves a nice rosey glow and a great size to use with my smaller blusher brush contour the cheeks.
I also got this little leopard waist belt in Primark yesterday - along with a few other items I will post about soon...

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