Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Xmas Beauty Buys

Its 4 weeks today till Christmas and I'm getting so excited!!! I have nearly finished my Christmas shopping and I'm hoping I have a little bit left over the treat myself to some new beauty products soon as I haven't tried anything new for a while apart from a Demalogica Daily Microfoliant I got in this months Glossy box which I love so good for sensitive skin and its great to clear out the pore after a weekend of celebrating.

1. Real Techniques Brushes - These are buy one get one half price at Boots at the moment so this may be a before Xmas treat everyone raves about these and I really want to see if they do create the perfect flawless finish. Has anyone tried these?
2. I love this make up bag from ASOS would brighten up my dressing table and makes a change from all the winter black and grey shades around.
3. Origins Mask Set- I have read a lot of reviews on Origins and tried a few of their products and I personal find they real suit my very sensitive skin as all the ingredients are natural and the brand is created my the granddaughter of Estee Lauder which is a brand I use daily.
4. Origins Be Bright - I had a sample of this Mega Bright primer and I can't lie it is amazing my skin has never looked so bright and it showed through my make up at £46 I couldn't afford the product but this gift set is £49 which means your saving £39 seems too good to be true.
5. I had a sample of Burberry Body in my Glossy box and I am hooked so many people have commented on the scent and it lasts all day.

I think all of this would make perfect gifts for beauty addicts or anyone who wants to try out new Brands. Has anyone else finished their Xmas shopping?

Thursday, 22 November 2012



I am sick of posting wish lists I need to find someone to take my outfit post pictures and can deal with me moaning throughout the task. The main reason I keep doing these if for my little friend who is currently living in China and likes to know what I am doing (wishing I could buy) its simple really I am obsessed with fur and Aztec if my whole wardrobe could be these two things I would be happy, (I know she would be the same!)

1. Jeans - Missguided - £34.99 2. Jumper - River Island - £40 3. Jumper -River Island- £55 4. Wrap - Internacionale - £16.99 5. Fur Gilet - Boohoo - £35

Monday, 19 November 2012


35 days....

This is super quick post because I am waiting for Made In Chelsea to come on I hate it but I love it!! All the ideas below are one I would love to give but also would love to have under my tree. How cute is the dog ring holder! Also I may already have 30+ scarves but I am currently searching for the perfect plain kitted scarf to wear with patterned jumpers.

1. Benefit minis gift set- Perfect if you like to try products out an then buy or like me you normally end up coming out in a rash from new products.
2. Maybe the new scarf??
3. A lovely mix of winter shades by Nails Inc
4. A bunny ring holder what more can I say!
5. Rose gold studs the perfect winter arm party.
6. My bathroom needs this and my mum wants it too so daddy!!!!
7. A tiny bit of bling to sparkly up the nasty weather outside.
8. Everyone raves about this primer so this sample size would be a good place to start and continue my Benefit love affair.

Has anyone else started Christmas shopping??


Saturday, 17 November 2012


Playing out....

I wore this outfit a while back for a night out and I still love the colours so I thought it was worth putting it on here. Whenever I wear this skirt I'm not sure how it makes my figure look I think I need to try styling it in other ways which balances out my top half with the volume of the skirt, how would you style this??

That said this is the most fun skirt to spin around in on the dance floor!!!
Skirt - River Island Bralet - Internacionale Bag - River Island Shoes - River Island
Sorry about the amount of River Island on this post I have been really impressed with how they have changed their stores over the fast few seasons I think to designs and trends they choose to work with has changed and developed to create a new customer base and they are now mine and many others go to store. I even find myself thinking that this year they have more to buy and inspire than Topshop. Does anyone else feel the same?

Monday, 12 November 2012


Winter Warmers

Any one who knows me knows I am not to coat person but it's getting to that time of year where I need to stop with my leather jacket and get a coat on because lets face it, it's freezing out there! So in the spirit of winter I have done a little shopping around the problem is now there's too many to choose from....

1. £69.99 Zara
2. £49.99 Zara
3. £65 River Island
4. £55 River Island
5. £49.99 Missguided
6. £48.99 Missguided
Which is your favourite? Has anyone else not bought their winter coat yet?
Sinead x 

Friday, 9 November 2012


Sad Knees.....

I failed my driving test today which is so annoying as I was completely ready for it but the nerves got the better of me and I made a stupid mistake! Now I'm a little down about it so I've made a little wish lift of an outfit I would love if I could go out dancing tonight (which I'm not) but my little sister just let me eat the brownie mix out of the bowl and I'm going for a drink with my friend later so my mood is picking up.

Anyway back to the point, I'm loving this sack look dress at the moment and the pattern is perfect for the baroque trend. I've chosen simple shoes and bag as the dress is quite a statement I'm still searching for the perfect nude heels and have been for a year or so, heel heights vary so much now and think now internet shopping is so popular shoe shopping is becoming harder and harder. To go with the look I would go for a messy updo a smokey eye and a dark lip.

Dress - River Island - £60 Shoes - Zara - £49.99 Bag - Reiss - £156
How would you style this dress? Any tips of cheering yourself up after a little fail?
Sinead x

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


The Liebster Blog Award!!

I was so happy when I opened my email box to see that Holly had contacted me to be nominated for the Liebster Blog Awards this is a an award for bloggers with under 200 followers and is nominated by other blogger which is great because its so personal and makes it extra special. So I'd like to say a massive thank you to Holly, its great to know people out there are beginning to notice what your trying to do with this tiny space on the Internet.

"When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person(s) who nominated you. You pass the award onto 11 other blogs (make sure you tell them you nominated them!) and ask them 11 questions. You are not allowed to nominate the blog(s) who nominated you.

So there are some very random facts for you...
1. I am not named after Sinead O'connor not matter how many people sing "Nothing compares to you"
2. I wore my festival bands for 6 years! (Yes that is gross looking back on it)
3. I love pear vodka!
4. I fall asleep in 30 seconds every night!
5. I used to have blonde hair and might have again soon....
6. My left foot is 6mm wider than my right.
7. I really don't like Jeffery Campbell shoes (sorry bloggers)
8. I drink about 4 cups of fruit tea a day because my work doesn't have a kettle.
9. I can't draw anything apart from shoes.
10. I can't spell to save my life.
11. My favourite film of all time is "Free Willy" even though it's the reason I'm scared of fire.

Questions from Holly...

1) What is your favourite Print Magazine?
I.D Magazine I bought this once in New York and I still love this even though it is hard to get hold of some times.
2) What is your favourite Online Fashion Website?
This changes most weeks depending on which new sites I have found so I have checked my history and even though this is very boring its Topshop I look seeing whats back in stock to see what others have bought and there blog posts about the people who work there always interest me
3) What is your all time favourite fashion blog?
5 Inches and up.
4) Who is your favourite designer?
This changes quite often but right now its Alexander Wang
5) What is your favourite highstreet brand?
Zara sometimes its overpriced but the detail are always great and on trend.
6) Who is you female style icon?
Kate Moss the women can do no wrong in my eyes skinny jeans heels and leather jacket.
7) Who is your male style icon?
Tom Ford.
8) Monochrome or Colourful Outfits?
9) Shoes or Bags?
10) Matching or Clashing Outfits?
11) Most worn garment/accessory?
Zara black bucket bag

Blogs I have nominated..
Tammy - Amy - Katie - Execution Style -Flairmavens- Dotty- Daniella-

Questions for the blogs I nominated.
1. For a night out with the girls would you rather have legs or chest out?
2. One item you wish you had bought but didn't?
3. Shopping on-line or in-store?
4. Favourite purchase of all time?
5. Best present you ever been bought?
6. The member of your family or friends who inspires you the most?
7. What job would you leave everything for?
8. Large handbag or small?
9. Best beauty buy?
10. PC or Mac?
11. Favourite shoes you own?

I still need another 4 blogs to nominate so if anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks!!

Sinead x

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


48 days.....

Now Halloween and bonfire night are out of the way it is officially time to start getting excited about Christmas and its only 48 days!!!!!

I am working on a post about the Liebster Blog Award which the lovely Holly nominated me for I need to find a few more blogs to nominate so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

This is a super quick photo so apologies for the quality and rush job of a top knot!

Jacket- Primark (Old) Studded Vest- Primark (Old) Trousers- Vera Moda Shoes - Kurt Geiger
Is anyone else as excited about Xmas as I am ?
Sinead x 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Just a little...
Here's a preview of a few things I've been buying recently outfit posts to come soon...

Monday, 22 October 2012



I love reading about what other blogs people read so I thought together a post about a few blogs I read everyday

I don't want to admit how long I spent on this blog when I first came across it but now I check this everyday. Amy also has the same hair touching addiction I do, her outfits always look effortless but perfect and she has opened my eyes to the wonders of motel rocks.

Rosie's outfits always make me want to re-think the shops I buy from and how few dresses I own and wear, also you can't tell me you haven't noticed her hair it's so long always looks beachy yet styled makes me want to go back to blonde. 
I love this girls style and how daring she is with it, also has the best links to new bloggers and her street style section is always something to look forward to.
This blog is so cute, from the little nicknames she has for her followers to the items she shows. Also I love the dupes she posts about and her nail growth is amazing!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Can't Help Myself

I can't help myself when it comes to make up I'm sure other people have the same problem, but if I even step near a Boots its guaranteed I'm coming out with something. Yesterday was no different I have been looking at some of these items for a few weeks so here's my little review of them.

Make Me Blush - Look Beauty- Flirt  Topshop - Rumor has it   Shining Star - Shimmer Brick - Famous
On the left is the shimmer brick by Famous I've had this product before but the brand has recently had a make over and I think the packaging is a little bit young but this didn't stop me from picking this up. This highlighter is one of my favourites that I've tried the different tones help to contour the cheeks and sometimes be built up for the evening or toned down with power for the day time. I find the paler shades are good for the brow bone if your short on time and eyeshadow. This was around £6 which for an all round and multi-use product is reasonable. I want to try a Topshop highlighter next has anyone used these?
On the right is the Look Beauty blush in Flirt which I had to try after hearing LLYMRS and many other bloggers rave about this. The colour is very summery (probs not the best time of year to be buying this) the colour is a coral/pink with a light shimmer, I am normally a bronzer girl so at first when I applied this I put too much on, years of bad habits. Once I got the hang of this the colour is so nice a gentle glow for the day and for a bolder look goes great with a coral lip which is one of my favourite looks. The shimmer means there is no need for my new highlighter which saves on time something I'm always looking for.
Cross necklace - £12.50- Topshop Rumor Has it- Topshop - £8
I've been waiting to find this rose gold necklace in store for months, it's so simple and such a lovely colour and very on-trend. This is the first Topshop lipstick I've bought and so far I really like it not to bright for be worn all day sort of a dark nude if that makes sense to anyone, its very moisturising so I seem to re-apply this every few hours mainly because I like the feel of it. Since trying this I think I will be buying a few more of the shades. The new A/W12 make up at Topshop looks so good if you haven't looked into yet make sure you do!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Sideways Steps

Sorry for the quick outfit posts and the very similar poses these were shot quickly the other week and as you can see I still haven't come round to the idea of having my photo taken! These boots were from the Topshop sale last year for £30 I think, the leather is still a little stiff but they are very comfy, I've been shopping today so I am planning a haul post soon....

Saturday, 13 October 2012



I don't know if anyone else has noticed but H&M are so on trend this season! Boyfriend coats, watercolour prints and bling jumpers plus one green bag that I am dying to get my hands on but hasn't been online yet!

If anyone has been any of this in store can you please leave a comment as I haven't yet and I really want some of these pieces in my fall wardrobe. Thanks!

Monday, 8 October 2012



This is my first outfit post, the quality is not great also I really don't like my photo being taken so I look like a nervous little bean! I wore this out for a few drinks last week hope you like it.

 Clutch - ASOS - Jeans - Vera Moda - Vest - Topshop - Blazer - Forever 21 - Shoes - River Island

Friday, 5 October 2012


More Topshop...

Sorry for more Topshop want list but I've spent a lot of my day on the site for various reasons and now I want all of this and more where is payday?????

Some of these items aren't my usual style apart from these boots which just need to be in my life this season!

Thursday, 4 October 2012


Models Own
Jade Stone - Mushroom - Utopia - Pink Fizz - Hed Kandi Disco Heaven - Hed Kandi Beach Party
Models Own
I have been so excited for these to arrive! The Models Own sale is one of the best I've heard of 50% off all ranges apart from the new Mirrorball collection which I also need to get my hands on!! I have wanted all of these shades for ages mainly the Hed Kandi colours after everyone and anyone was blogging about them this summer. I haven't tested these yet so I can't say how long they last but I've tried a little of each colour on a nail as I was so excited and look great and only need one or two coats. More photos to come of these.....

Monday, 1 October 2012


I wish...
Boots £69.99 Zara - Jeans £48.99 Motel - Bag £29.99 Zara
...owned this to wear with my Topshop oversized white jumper (which I live in)

Sunday, 30 September 2012

30-9-12 September Favourites

Mac Fix+ Spray £13 Debenhams - MUA Blush £1 Superdrug - Highlights £1.99 Bodycare - GOSH eyeliner 99p Superdrug

These are a few of my favourite products I've used this month and enjoyed using everyday. I know everyone has given a review on the Mac fixing spray but for me this is the perfect product. For people who know me I used to spray my make-up on - until I discovered this!
I now use this every morning to fix my make-up into place and give a dewy glow. I have used this since July and at  just under half a bottle since then this is great value for money. Also this is great to freshen up your face during a long day. I carry a smaller bottle of this in my bag - a lifesaver if you start to feel tired.

The top sample is Highlights, a complete dupe for Benefits Highbeam and for about a tenth of the price. I'm sure everyone knows how well loved Highbeam is. This is a great highlighter over or under foundation, a great multi use product for lipgloss,eyeshadow or sometimes I mix this in with my foundation on days my skin looks a little dull. If you/re ever passing a Bodycare its' worth popping in-  just for this bargain.

The second swatch is a reduced GOSH eyeliner I picked up a few weeks ago and is great for making the eyes look wider and brighter. This can be slightly flaky at times but once dusted off this leaves a great understated day time sparkle.

The last item is MUA £1 blush which I thought was worth a try. If you spent £8 on MUA you got a free large eyeshadow set, which I will review when I've tried more of the colours. This current sample is a simple pink blush which leaves a nice rosey glow and a great size to use with my smaller blusher brush contour the cheeks.
I also got this little leopard waist belt in Primark yesterday - along with a few other items I will post about soon...

Friday, 28 September 2012

Topshop 28-9-12

The perfect day outfit with thick black tights and the perfect evening outfit with tanned legs!
I need it all someone help me raid Topshop! It would also need my ever growing mountain of rings, loose curls and natural make-up.


Wednesday, 26 September 2012


False Nails v's Press on Nail's

I guess many people have this problem, my nails do not grow I have tried alot of things and still have a few I want to try, so in the quest for perfect nails I have tried a number of press on nails. I choose press on nails because I don't want to ruin the little of my own nails I do have.

It's safe to say these Impress Nails are the best I have tried this was a red/coral colour ( not a good photo) I had trimmed these down a little as I do  a lot of typing at work but they stayed on for around a week as promised on the packet.

I also tried Impress Nails in a greyish colour and a bright neon orange for my holiday which again stayed on for a week even with the sand and pool water. You get 24 nails in a packet and they are so easy to apply just peel the sticker off the glue on the back and press on! If you lose one on the go they are easy to replace.

These nails were by Elegant Touch these were a bit tricky to apply first you cut glue tabs to fit your nails and then peal a sticker and then press the nail on, this only took me 20 or so minutes but not as quick as the Impress Nails.

I got these nails reduced in Superdrug for around 1.99 and in the pack you also got these strips of blue gems and some pink leopard wraps which are great and very easy to use. My main problems with these nails is they only lasted for two days great for a night out but not if you want a constant polished look.

These Girls on the Go nails were a quick E-bay buy for 99p easy to paint no messy about with glue tabs just stick and go! Until you go to do something as simple as move a bag strap and ping nails gone these again work for a night out but do not last.

The polish is N07 stay perfect Beanie is anyone wanted to know its a brown/karki shade perfect for this A/W army trend.

I will do another post on false nails when I have tried a few glue on ones, overall the Impress Nails are great and last and only cost around £6.99 and can be used twice, if you fancy some fun nails for one night Girls on the Go or Elegant Touch do the job as well.