Monday, 19 November 2012


35 days....

This is super quick post because I am waiting for Made In Chelsea to come on I hate it but I love it!! All the ideas below are one I would love to give but also would love to have under my tree. How cute is the dog ring holder! Also I may already have 30+ scarves but I am currently searching for the perfect plain kitted scarf to wear with patterned jumpers.

1. Benefit minis gift set- Perfect if you like to try products out an then buy or like me you normally end up coming out in a rash from new products.
2. Maybe the new scarf??
3. A lovely mix of winter shades by Nails Inc
4. A bunny ring holder what more can I say!
5. Rose gold studs the perfect winter arm party.
6. My bathroom needs this and my mum wants it too so daddy!!!!
7. A tiny bit of bling to sparkly up the nasty weather outside.
8. Everyone raves about this primer so this sample size would be a good place to start and continue my Benefit love affair.

Has anyone else started Christmas shopping??


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