Monday, 12 November 2012


Winter Warmers

Any one who knows me knows I am not to coat person but it's getting to that time of year where I need to stop with my leather jacket and get a coat on because lets face it, it's freezing out there! So in the spirit of winter I have done a little shopping around the problem is now there's too many to choose from....

1. £69.99 Zara
2. £49.99 Zara
3. £65 River Island
4. £55 River Island
5. £49.99 Missguided
6. £48.99 Missguided
Which is your favourite? Has anyone else not bought their winter coat yet?
Sinead x 


  1. wow, i love the look!
    i want them all!

    new outfit post - Galaxy cat

  2. Oh my gosh I love this post.
    I absolutely in love with No.4 RI Jacket!
    Sinead you'll love my next article for - it's comparing celebs in winter jacket similar to the miss guided one!
    Would love to see what you think of it, keep checking my blog over the next week to see when it's up!
    Holly x