Saturday, 17 November 2012


Playing out....

I wore this outfit a while back for a night out and I still love the colours so I thought it was worth putting it on here. Whenever I wear this skirt I'm not sure how it makes my figure look I think I need to try styling it in other ways which balances out my top half with the volume of the skirt, how would you style this??

That said this is the most fun skirt to spin around in on the dance floor!!!
Skirt - River Island Bralet - Internacionale Bag - River Island Shoes - River Island
Sorry about the amount of River Island on this post I have been really impressed with how they have changed their stores over the fast few seasons I think to designs and trends they choose to work with has changed and developed to create a new customer base and they are now mine and many others go to store. I even find myself thinking that this year they have more to buy and inspire than Topshop. Does anyone else feel the same?

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